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Assam Art & Culture - APSC Prelims

Year-wise questions asked on Assam Art & Culture in APSC Prelims since 2001


1.    How many 'Ghosas' are the in the Nama Ghosa?

a)    500
b)    1000
c)    1500
d)    2000

Answer (b)

2.    Which language was used by Sankardeva for composing Ankia Naat?

a)    Pali
b)    Bhajavali 
c)    Prakrit
d)    Apabhrangsha

Answer (b)

3.    Which of the following was the first Ankia Naat written by Sankardeva?

a)    Patniprasad
b)    Chinhayatra
c)    Rukminiharan
d)    Kaliyadaman

Answer (b)

4.    Who is known as the father of Assamese prose?

a)    Ratnakar Kandali
b)    Bhattadeva
c)    Sarbavauma Bhattacharyya
d)    Gopal Aata

Answer (b)

5.    Which century witnessed the growth and development of the 'Charit Puthi'?

a)    14th century
b)    15th century
c)    16th century
d)    17th century

Answer (d)

6.    Aahar, an Assamese drama , written by Arun Sharma is a /an

a)    social drama
b)    historical drama
c)    absurd drama
d)    None of the above

Answer (c)


7.    Who among the following is the first Assamese translator of the Ramayana?

a)    Ram Saraswati
b)    Madhab Kandali 
c)    Ananta kandali
d)    Sankardev

Answer (b)


8.    Which tribe of North-east celebrates the "Agalmaka" festival?

a)    Dimasa
b)    Garo  
c)    Mishing 
d)    Sonowal Kachan

Answer (b)


9.    The illustration work of the medieval Assamese text “Hastividyarnava” was done by____.

a)    Suryakhari Daibaigya
b)    Sukumar Borkaith
c)    Dibar and Dosai
d)    Rama Saraswati

Answer (c)

10.    Bagarumba is a folk dance performed by

a)    Garos
b)    Bodos
c)    Mishings
d)    Rabhas

Answer (b)


11.    Gagana, the famous musical instrument from Assam is made from

a)    Bamboo
b)    Cane
c)    Buffalo horn 
d)    Teakwood

Answer (a)


12.    One of the following books is the most important literary source for the study of early History of Assam. Which is the book?

a)    The Mahabharata
b)    The Harsha Charitra
c)    The Kalika Purana
d)    The Arthashastra

Answer (c)


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