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Assam Economy - APSC Prelims

Year-wise questions asked on Assam Economy in APSC Prelims since 2001


1.    The terra-cotta industry in Assam has developed in

a)    Goalpara District
b)    Barak Valley
c)    Dhubri District
d)    Tinsukia District

Answer (c)

2.    Which of the following cottage industry workers in Assam suffer most due to the paucity of raw material?

a)    Brass-smiths
b)    Bell metal-smiths
c)    Ivory artists
d)    Potters and blacksmiths

Answer (c)

3.    The Assam Gas Cracker Project at Tengakhat does not have the proposal to produce

a)    oxo-alcohols
b)    portland cement and hollow bricks
c)    ethylene and propylene
d)    polyethylene

Answer (b)


4.    The per capita income of Assam has been calculated to be as 

a)    Rs 14,500
b)    Rs 11,600
c)    Rs 10,200
d)    Rs 8,300

None of the options seem correct


5.    The only phosphatic fertilizer plant in North East India India is located at 

a)    Tuli in Nagaland
b)    Nongpo in Meghalaya
c)    Namrup in Assam
d)    Chandrapur in Assam

Answer (c)


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