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Assam Geography - APSC Prelims

Year-wise questions asked on Assam Geography in APSC Prelims since 2001


1.    Identify the district which ranks first in regards to density of population as per 2011 Census.

a)    Dhubri
b)    Barpeta
c)    Nalbari
d)    Nagaon

Answer (a)

2.    Which of the following Wildlife Sanctuaries is located in Udalgiri district?

a)    Chakrashila
b)    Bornadi
c)    Amchang
d)    Bura Chapori

Answer (b)


3.    Who was the President of the Swaraj Party in Assam during freedom movement?

a)    Bishnuram Medhi
b)    Gopinath Bordoloi
c)    Tarun Ram Phookan 
d)    Maniram Dewan

Answer (c)

4.    Who was the leader of 1857 Revolt in Assam?

a)    Lachit Barphukan
b)    Pioli Baruah
c)    Maniram dewan
d)    Kanaklata

Answer (c)


3.    In terms of area, the smallest district of Assam is __.

a)    Chirang
b)    South Salmara-Mankachar 
c)    Kamrup Metro
d)    Udalguri

Answer (b)


4.    North Cachar hill is known for-

a)    Graphite
b)    rock salt
c)    limestone 
d)    coal

Answer (c)

5.    In Assam, red soil is the main feature of 

a)    Bodoland area
b)    North Cachar Hill area  
c)    Barak Valley region
d)    Brahmaputra valley region

Answer (b)


6.    In which year, Kaziranga wildlife Sanctuary was elevated to a National Park?

a)    1974
b)    1975
c)    1976
d)    1977

Answer (a)

7.    Longloi, Kailajan, Silbheta and Khanbhaman are famous for which of the following resources?

a)    Limestone
b)    Iron ore
c)    Coal
d)    Sillimanite

Answer (c)

8.    How much percent of the Indian landmass is covered by the State of Assam?

a)    3.39%
b)    2.39%
c)    4.39%
d)    2.93%

Answer (b)

9.    Panidihing Birds Sanctuary is located in which of the following districts of Assam?

a)    Jorhat
b)    Golaghat
c)    Sibsagar
d)    Dhemaji

Answer (c)

10.    Arrange the National Parks of Assam correctly in the order of descending size

a)    Kaziranga, Manas, Nameri, Dibru Saikhowa, Orang
b)    Manas, Kaziranga, Dibru Saikhowa, Nameri, Orang
c)    Kaziranga, Manas, Nameri, Orang, Dibru Saikhowa
d)    Manas, Dibru Saikhowa, Kaziranga, Orang, Nameri

Answer (b)


11.    The total area of Assam is

a)    80645 sqkm
b)    78438 sqkm
c)    79012 sqkm
d)    77901 sqkm

Answer (b)

12.    Assam State enjoys 

a)    tropical climate
b)    hot climate
c)    warm climate
d)    cold climate

Answer (a)

13.    The National Park of Assam where the rare white-winged duck (Deohanh) is found is 

a)    Nameri
b)    Dibru Saikhowa
c)    Manas
d)    Orang

Answer (a)

14.    Of the total geographical area of Assam, the total area under forest is 

a)    33%
b)    22%
c)    28%
d)    19%

Answer (a)

15.    The average gradient of the Brahmaputra within Assam is 

a)    18 cm/km
b)    20 cm/km
c)    13 cm/km
d)    10 cm/km

Answer (c)

16.    Find the odd pair out 

a)    Dheer beel : Dhubri district
b)    Khamrenga beel : Kamrup
c)    Tamaranga beel : Bongaigaon district
d)    Mer beel : Jorhat district

Answer (d)

17.    Clouded leopard and Capped Langur are important animals of 

a)    Manas National Park
b)    Nameri Wildlife Sanctuary
c)    Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary
d)    Bornodi Wildlife Sanctuary

Answer (a)


18.    The population of Assam as per provisional data of 2001 census falls within the range of 

a)    210 lakh - 225 lakh
b)    225 lakh - 250 lakh
c)    250 lakh - 270 lakh
d)    270 lakh - 290 lakh

Answer (c)


19.    Which one season of the following is associated with Bordoichila in Assam?

a)    Pre monsoon season
b)    Monsoon season
c)    Retreating Monsoon Season
d)    Winter Season

Answer (a)

20.    Which of the following wild life sanctuaries from NE India is related with Project Tiger?

a)    Dibru-Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary
b)    Nameri Wildlife Sanctuary
c)    Sonai-Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary
d)    Manas Wildlife Sanctuary

Answer (d)

21.    The drainage that separates the Meghalaya plateau from the Barail range is 

a)    Kiling
b)    Doyang
c)    Lubha
d)    Digaru

Answer (a)

22.    The interstate boundary between Assam and Tripura is marked by a river called 

a)    Longai
b)    Sonai
c)    Dhaleswari
d)    Kushiara

Answer (a)

23.    The Singhasion peak, the highest peak of Assam is located on

a)    Nilachal Hills
b)    Barail Range
c)    Agyathuri Hill
d)    Rengma Hills

Answer (b)

24.    Which district of Assam has the longest international boundary?

a)    Kokrajhar
b)    Dhubri
c)    Karimganj
d)    Nalbari

Answer (b)


25.    The tribe of Assam having the largest size of population next to the Bodo's is 

a)    The Karbis
b)    The Dimasas
c)    The Mising
d)    The Rabha

Answer (c)

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