Assam GK - APSC Prelims

Year-wise questions asked on Assam General Knowledge in APSC Prelims since 2001


1.    Indentify the power project which is managed by NEEPCO

a)    Bongaigaon Thermal Power Station
b)    Lawka Gas Thermal Power Station
c)    Namrup THermal Power Station
d)    Kathalguri Thermal Power Station

Answer (d)

2.    Who was the first editor of 'Jonaki'?

a)    Lakshminath Bezbaruah
b)    Chandra Kumar Agarwalla
c)    Hemchandra Goswami
d)    Ratneswar Mahanta

Answer (c)

3.    Who among the following was the first recipient of the Assam Valley Literary Award?

a)    Homen Borgohain
b)    Nabakanta Barua
c)    Bhabendra Nath Saikia
d)    Nilamoni Phukan

Answer (c)

4.    Who among the following writers from Assam was awarded the Padma Shri in 2018?

a)    Arup Kumar Dutta
b)    Arupa Patangia
c)    Dr Dhrubajyoti Bora
d)    Debabrata Das

Answer (a)


5.    What was the theme of the 19th National Youth Festival held in Guwahati in January 2015?

a)    Young India - Skilled India
b)    Youth for clean, green and progressive India 
c)    Progressive India - Young India
d)    One India - Strong India

Answer (b)

6.    The first dictionary in Assamese was compiled by whom among the following?

a)    Hemchandra Barua
b)    Miles Bronson 
c)    Nathan Brown
d)    O. C. Kottor

Answer (b)

7.    Who was the recipient of Bishwaratna Dr. Bhupen Hazarika International Solidarity Award in 2015?

a)    Shyam Benegal
b)    Amjad Ali
c)    Amol Palekar
d)    Adoor Gopalakrishnan 

Answer (d)

8.    Who is the author of the book: Planter-raj to Swaraj: Freedom Struggle and Electoral Politics in Assam?

a)    Dr Irfan Habib
b)    Surya Kr Bhuyan
c)    Dr Amalendu Guha 
d)    Edward Gait

Answer (c)

9.    Who was the first Assamese woman to be awarded by the 'Sangeet Natak Akademi'?

a)    Sudakshina Sarma
b)    Anupama Bhattacharya
c)    Pratima Pandey Barua 
d)    Aaideo Handique

Answer (c)

10.    The first novel by Rajanikanta Bordoloi was __.

a)    Nirmal Bhakat
b)    Miri Jiyori 
c)    Manomoti
d)    Donduadrah

Answer (b)


11.    Name the author of the famous book , Cha Garam, the tea story-

a)    Maniram Dewan
b)    Hemendra Prasad Barooah
c)    Arup Kumar Dutta 
d)    None of them

Answer (c)


12.    The author of Asomiya Sahityar Buranji is

a)    Nathan Brown
b)    Jatindranath Duwara
c)    Devendranath Bezbarua
d)    Gunabhiram Barua

Answer (c)

13.    Prachya Sasanavali was edited by

a)    Dr. Maheswar Neog
b)    Dr. Birinchi Kumar Barua
c)    Dr. Surya Kumar Bhuyan
d)    Alexander Mackezine

Answer (a)

14.    Who is the author of the book, India Against Itself?

a)    Dr. Hiren Gohain
b)    Dr. Mamoni Roysom Goswami
c)    Homen Borgohain
d)    Dr. Sanjib Barua

Answer (d)


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