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Assam History - APSC Prelims

Year-wise questions asked on Assam History in APSC Prelims since 2001


1.    Who was the founder of Pala Dynasty?

a)    Brahmapala
b)    Viradutta
c)    Indrapala
d)    Dharmapala

Answer (a)

2.    The 'Buranji' written by Ratna Kandali and Arjun Das Bairagee was 

a)    Tripura Buranji
b)    kachari Buranji
c)    Axom Buranji
d)    Kamrup Buranji

Answer (a)


3.    Who was the President of the Swaraj Party in Assam during freedom movement?

a)    Bishnuram Medhi
b)    Gopinath Bordoloi
c)    Tarun Ram Phookan 
d)    Maniram Dewan

Answer (c)

4.    Who was the leader of 1857 Revolt in Assam?

a)    Lachit Barphukan
b)    Pioli Baruah
c)    Maniram dewan
d)    Kanaklata

Answer (c)


5.    In which year was Srimanta Sankardeva born?

a)    1568
b)    1455
c)    1449 
d)    1475

Answer (c)

6.    Who was the first martyr of 1942 revolt against the British in Assam?

a)    Kanaklata Barua  
b)    Kushal Konwar
c)    Kamala Miri
d)    Maniram Dewan

Answer (a)

7.    The first Peasant Uprising against the British was known as?

a)    Phulaguri Dhawa 
b)    Patharughat Raijmel
c)    Battle of Itakhuli
d)    None of these

Answer (a)

8.    Who organized Mrityu Bahini in fighting for India's Independence in Assam?

a)    Chandraprabha Saikiani
b)    Pushpalata Das 
c)    Padumi Nath
d)    Kanaklata Barua

Answer (b)


9.    Name the three capital of Ahom Kingdom at different eras.

a)    Tipam, Namrup, Gargaon
b)    Moran, Bhogdoi, Charing
c)    Charaideo, Gargaon, Jorhat 
d)    None of the above

Answer (c)

10.    One of the first ever Barbaruas of Ahom Kingdom also achieved a memorable reputation. Name both father and son duo-

a)    Satram Barbarua (Father), Kaliabhomora Barphukan (Son)
b)    Momai Tamuli Barbarua (Father) Lachit Barphukan (Son) 
c)    Bholanath Barbarua (Father) Haranath Barphukan (Son)
d)    None of the above

Answer (b)

11.    Dimapur, the capital of the Kachari Kingdom was occupied by the Ahom King-

a)    Rudra Singha
b)    Gadadhar Singha
c)    Suhummong 
d)    Rajeswar Singha

Answer (c)


12.    The posts of Barbarua and Barphukan were created by-

a)    Suteopha
b)    Pratap Singha
c)    Supatpha
d)    Rudra Singha

Answer (b)


13.    The Kamakhya Temple was rebuilt by the Koch King-

a)    Biswa Singha
b)    Raghu dev
c)    Naranarayan
d)    Prananarayan

Answer (c)

14.    In which year, Kushal Konwar was hanged by the British and for what cause?

a)    1930 spearheading Quit India Movementin Upper Assam
b)    1921 Facilitating Non-Cooperation Movement and satyagraha in Sivasagar
c)    1942 declared guilty of conspiracy for a train derailment near Golaghat.
d)    None of the above

Answer (c)

15.    Who was the Ahom King in Assam during the Mutiny of 1857?

a)    Gaurinath Singha
b)    Kandarpeswar Singha
c)    Lakshminath Singha
d)    None of them

Answer (d)


16.    Who was the first Assamese to join the Indian National Congress during its Second session held in 1886?

a)    Gopinath Bordoloi
b)    Tarunram Phukan
c)    Devicharan Baruah
d)    Nobin Chandra Bordoloi

Answer (a) & (c)


17.    Which freedom fighter of Assam refused to accept the Tamra Patra and said "With all my profound sense of gratitude to the well-wishers of the government, I would like to say humbly that I did not take part in the India's freedom movement with an intention to get something return?

a)    Rohini Choudhury
b)    Pusopalata Das
c)    Nilamani Phukan
d)    Kamala Miri

Answer (b)


18.    The Gohain Kamal Ali, constructed by Gohain Kamal from Koch Behar to Narayanpur, road was constructed during the reign of __.

a)    Nara Narayan 
b)    Parikshit Narayan
c)    Viswa Singha
d)    Raghu Dev

Answer (a)


19.    The first Ahom Monarch to assume the Hindu title "Swarganarayan" was __.

a)    Siva Singha
b)    Pratap Singha
c)    Jayadhwaj Singha
d)    Suhungmung 

Answer (d)

20.    The popular uprising in Assam known as Patharughat Battle took place in the year

a)    1861
b)    1862
c)    1893
d)    1894

Answer (d)

21.    Who was the President of Swaraj Party formed in Assam during the Freedom Movement?

a)    Maniram Dewan
b)    Vishnuram Medhi
c)    Gopinath Bordoloi
d)    Tarun Ram Phukan

Answer (d)


22.    The Yandaboo Treaty was signed in 1826 between

a)    East India Company and the Ahom King
b)    East India Company and the Burmese
c)    British Crown and the Ahom King
d)    British Crown and the Burmese

Answer (b)

23.    The Buranjis are

a)    autobiographical writings of the Ahom rulers
b)    diaries written by the monarchs
c)    chronicles
d)    none of the above

Answer (c)

24.    Under the Mountbatten Plan, a referendum in Assam was to be held in the district of

a)    Sibsagar
b)    Lakhimpur
c)    Goalpara
d)    Sylhet

Answer (d)

25.    The last independent Ahom King was

a)    Chandrakanta Singha
b)    Kamaleswar Singha
c)    Jogeswar Singha
d)    Purandar Singha

Answer (a)

26.    Sadiya Khowa Gohain was a

a)    Jamindar
b)    King
c)    Frontier officer
d)    Naval commander

Answer (d) - As per APSC answer key

Further research is needed on this particular question as many sources point to Option C - Frontier Officer. 
Suhungmung annexed the whole Chutia country, and a new post in the state, known as the Sadiya-Khawa Gohain, was created to administer it. The first appointment was given to one Phrasenmung. 
Some source translates Sadiya Khowa Gohain to Governor of Sadiya.


27.    The king nicknamed as Bhagaraja was

a)    Sutiyampha
b)    Sutamla
c)    Surampha
d)    Sunytpha

Answer (c)


28.    A pioneer lady responsible for forming the Mrityu Bahini in Assam in connection with the freedom struggle of the country was

a)    Chandraprabha Saikiani
b)    Pushpalata Das
c)    Rani Gaidinlieu
d)    None of themselves

Answer (b)


29.    Maidans are

a)    elaborate burial tanks of Ahom nobility and kings
b)    large fields
c)    temples
d)    enclosure for sporting activities

Answer (a)


30.    Ibn Batuta, the celebrated traveller, visited Assam in the

a)    thirteenth century
b)    fourteenth century
c)    fifteenth century
d)    tenth century

Answer (b)

31.    Rang Ghar was constructed during the reign of

a)    Rudra Singha
b)    Rajeswar Singha
c)    Pramatta Singha
d)    Siva Singha

Answer (c)

32.    Gandhiji visited Assam for the first time in connection with the National Freedom Movement in the year

a)    1920
b)    1921
c)    1935
d)    1926

Answer (b)

33.    The Assam region was separated from the Bengal Presidency in

a)    1874
b)    1889
c)    1861
d)    1826

Answer (a)

34.    The title of the overall administrative head of Lower Assam region during the Ahom Rule was

a)    Barkhukan
b)    Rajkhowa
c)    Borpatragohain
d)    Khongea Barua

Answer (a)

35.    The first rebellion against the British rule in Assam in 1828 was led by

a)    Piyali Phukan
b)    Maniram Dewan
c)    Gomdhar Konwar
d)    Piyali Barua

Answer (c)

36.    Which district was separated from Assam and given to Pakistan in 1947?

a)    Chittagong
b)    Khulna
c)    Sylhet
d)    Sholashahar

Answer (c)


37.    In 1826 the Treaty of Yandaboo was signed by which the British practically occupied Assam from the Burmese. In which year was Burma annexed British?

a)    1837
b)    1826
c)    1864
d)    1886

Answer (d)

38.    The earliest historical dynasty of Assam was that of the 

a)    Palas
b)    Varmans
c)    Narakas
d)    Salastambhas

Answer (b)

39.    The first tea company established in Assam was 

a)    Jorhat Tea Company
b)    Assam Company
c)    Assam-Bengal Tea Company
d)    None of the above

Answer (b)


40.    Who was not the Chief Minister of Assam in Independent India?

a)    Gopinath Bordoloi
b)    Sir Muhammad Saadulla
c)    Bishnu Ram Medhi
d)    Bimala Prasad Chaliha

Answer (b)

41.    The offices of the Borboruah and Borphukan were created by

a)    Sudangpha
b)    Suhungmung
c)    Pratap Singha
d)    Jayadhawaj Singha

Answer (c)

42.    The Chutiya Kingdom was conquered by

a)    Suklengmung
b)    Suhungmung
c)    Pratap Singha
d)    Jayadhavaj Singha

Answer (b)

43.    The Kachari King to assume the title "Pratap Narayan" after defeating the Ahom was 

a)    Indrabalnarayan
b)    Josonarayan
c)    Nirbhaynarayan
d)    Durlabhnarayan

Answer (b)

44.    Who among the following literators did not receive the patronage of the Koch King Naranarayan?

a)    Ram Saraswati
b)    Ananta Kandali
c)    Sankardeva
d)    Madhav Kandali

Answer (d)


45.    Rudra Singha first built the Rang Ghar with Bamboo and Wood. It was rebuilt with brick and mortar by 

a)    Siva Singha
b)    Pramatta Singha
c)    Rajeshwawr Singha 
d)    Lakshmi Singha

Answer (b)

46.    The Battle of Mahargarh was fought between 

a)    Chandrakanta Singha and the Burmese
b)    The Burmese and the British 
c)    The Burmese and Ruchinath Buragohain
d)    The Burmese and Purandar Singha

Answer (a)


47.    Who was the President of the First Session of the Assam Chatra Sanmilon?

a)    Rohinikanta Hatibaruah
b)    Kamaluddin Ahmed
c)    Lakshidhar Sharma
d)    Lakshminath Bezbaruah

Answer (d)

48.    The earliest king of Assam was

a)    Mahiranga Danava
b)    Narakasur
c)    Bhaskar Barman
d)    Naranarayan

Answer (a) - without archaeological evidence 

49.    In the Battle of Saraighat next to Lachit Barphukan was in the leadership of 

a)    Raj Mantri Atanu Borgohain Dangariya
b)    Kaliabhomora Barphukan
c)    Miri Sandikoi
d)    Manthir Bharali Baruah

Answer (a)

50.    The Ahoms who entered into Assam (erstwhile) established their capital at 

a)    Charaideo
b)    Rangpur
c)    Namti
d)    Nazirakhat

Answer (a)


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