Assam Portion

Test Series and Classes exclusively for the 33% questions on Assam in APSC Prelims

Online class : Assam Portion

Highlights of the course :
- Starts from 15th July, 2021
- Online classes 
- Assam Portion for APSC Prelims

- Course fee Rs 3500 (without Assam Test Series)
- Course fee Rs 4500 (with Assam Test Series)

PS - If you have already purchased the Assam Based Test Series and want to avail the online class, please get in touch with us at 9365048235We will arrange a special price for you 

Test Series : Assam Portion

Download the test schedule 

- Starts from 12th July
- 600 questions on Assam for APSC Prelims
- Answer key with explanations
- Statement based questions 
- APSC Model Paper level of difficulty

- Online platform + PDFs