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IN THE NEWS - May 2021 just released 

IN THE NEWS is our current affairs monthly in which we pick up all the important events of a particular month and publish it in the subsequent month. Current affairs is a vast topic and there are hundreds of material available in the market, both offline and online. 

In the midst of this chaos, it becomes impossible for the student to filter out the important exam-specific content. This is where "IN THE NEWS" plays a part. We use the experience and knowledge of our experts and select events which has a high possibility of being asked in UPSC / APSC. 

It does not end here. We also put a special focus on current affairs from NORTH EAST India in a dedicated section called "NE Focus". This is specially helpful for North Eastern state level civil service exams. 

From January 2021 edition, we have started adding a section on the
ASSAM STATIC Portion as a value addition. This section is specifically prepared to help students tackle the questions based on Assam in Prelims and Mains of APSC.  

So cut the clutter and study smart. 

Try our FREE edition (Jan 2020) to see what we mean

FREE EDITION (1st edition)

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January 2020 - 1st Edition

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COMBO editions

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2020 - ALL EDITIONS (Jan - Dec)

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2021 - ALL EDITIONS (Jan - May)

 Current affairs 2021

New edition
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May 2021 - 17th Edition (includes Assam Static Portion, Part 5)

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April 2021 - 16th Edition (includes Assam Static Portion, Part 4)

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March 2021 - 15th Edition (includes Assam Static Portion, Part 3)

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February 2021 - 14th Edition (includes Assam Static Portion, Part 2)

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January 2021 - 13th Edition (includes Assam Static Portion, Part 1)

Current affairs 2020

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