APSC GS Prelims 2018 - ANALYSIS

The APSC GS prelims paper has clearly been aligned to the trends set by the UPSC Prelims papers. APSC has included some portions of Art & Culture, just like UPSC (Art & Culture has been a UPSC favourite since 2011).

In Current Affairs also, few questions have been asked from the year 2016, which is another UPSC trend. The Commissions do not just expect us to know the current affairs of the preceding 12 months, but we are expected to know the current affairs of the last 2-3 years and some questions appear from those years, just like this year’s APSC prelims paper.

In Economics, the weightage has increased. Both factual as well as conceptual questions have been asked. Even though Five Year Plans have been scrapped off, APSC still loves to give questions from the five year plans and this year also there has been several questions from that portion.

Very less questions from geography has been asked, almost no questions from Assam Geography portion.

In history, overall weightage has gone down. Some questions have been asked from the Assam History portion, but questions from ancient and medieval portion in case of overall Indian History have not come.