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How to read the NCERTs - by a UPSC /APSC topper - PART 2

In the previous blog, we covered why it is important to read the NCERTs for UPSC and APSC and also discussed how to read them in a step-wise manner and how to make notes from them. In this blog, we shall give a detailed list of all the NCERTs which must be read in order to maximise scores in the exam.

It is a well known fact that many direct questions are asked in UPSC and APSC Prelims from the NCERTs, and thus reading them is extremely important. We all know that the NCERTs from the 6th to 12th standard must be read. However, not all NCERTs need to be read. So, we will list out the most important NCERTs and chapters, subject wise, which needs to be mandatorily read.

Here’s a class-wise and subject-wise list of the NCERTs that has to be read:

These are the NCERTs which have to be mandatorily read in order to maximise scores in Prelims and to have a good grasp of concepts to effectively tackle the Mains questions. In the NCERTs there are small boxes in the side of the pages where important facts and information is given, those boxes must also be thoroughly read. All the NCERTs above are new NCERTs, unless where it has been specifically mentioned that it is an Old NCERT.

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