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APSC Prelims TEST SERIES launched - FAQ.

Hello everyone,

We are releasing our most anticipated APSC CCE 2020 Prelims MOCK TEST SERIES 1. This test series comes with 10 GS tests and 6 CSAT tests. Like our previous tests, which was so well received by the aspirants, we promise to deliver only the best with this series. Since we have been receiving a lot of queries about this test series, we thought we should publish an FAQ for the students’ benefit.

1. When does the test series start? Its starts from 18th September, 2020. 2. Will the test be Online or Offline (pen paper mode)?

The test would consist of an online interface ( as well as PDF which can be printed and attempted through pen and paper.

3. Will it be evaluated or do we have to do self evaluation? Your test would be evaluated as soon as you submit your paper through the online interface ( and you can analyze the questions which were incorrect. 4. Can I have multiple attempts on the same test in the online interface? The number of attempts on a particular test using the online interface is restricted to one. However please note that the tests can be attempted anytime within 10 months and it also has the facility of save / resume later. The PDF format of the same test can be printed and you can attempt those independently later if necessary 5. How does the online interface work? Please have a look at this video - 6. Will you provide Answer Key with explanations? Can it be used as reference material? Yes we would provide the same and it definitely acts as a life saver during the crucial revision hours of APSC Prelims. It definitely will act as reference material. 7. Will there be sectional tests as well as comprehensive tests? Yes. The GS paper comes with 6 sectional tests and 4 comprehensive tests. You can get the complete schedule here - 8. Where can I know more details of the tests like price schedule etc? Please follow the link here -

Best of luck!!

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