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Gradient IAS Essay Writing Plan

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Hello aspirants, As you all know the countdown for APSC Mains has begun. So we are going to start a new initiative on APSC Mains Essay Writing. This plan will give you much needed daily practice to improve the quality of your essays.

Periodically we are going to post an important Essay topic based on current and contemporary affairs with a small introduction about it so that it helps you to boost your preparation. You will have to write the complete essay, upload a scanned image in this Telegram Group and do peer review. If an essay is particularly good, it would receive a special mention from us. The essay topic would be posted on our Telegram channel. Please join our Telegram channel here

Regular practice will give you confidence and confidence gives you an advantage over others. You will also be able to manage time in the actual exam if you practice more frequently. Key to success is more practice and more confidence. So, keep practicing. Best of luck!!

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