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How Gradient IAS predicted the changes in APSC Prelims pattern

The APSC Prelims this year was not a run out of mill exam. There were changes in the weightage of different sections and the traditional pattern was replaced by a few surprises. These changes are a clear indication that APSC exam is changing. And to adapt to these changes, aspirants must gear themselves up with a more predictive approach rather than simply hard work.

During the APSC Prelims crash course, it was consistently pointed out to the aspirants that APSC is trying to align their exam pattern with that of the UPSC. Thus, faculty members told the aspirants to prepare art/culture and ecology/environment portion because UPSC gives lot of weightage to these two areas. In fact, in the history classes, some of the art and culture portion was covered. And key concepts of ecology was also covered in the classes.

The prediction that questions from ecology and art/culture maybe important for this year’s prelims came true as some questions were asked. The biofertiliser question has been directly picked up from a UPSC Prelims previous paper. And same goes with art and culture.

The key to succeed is hard work coupled with smart work. And we are here to show you how to do ‘smart work’. Hard work shall be your own effort and dedication towards your goal.

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